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Guest Articles

Venetian Passage Unforgettable Voyage
by Anne Hernandez  |  Ambassador Clients Since the early 90's
On October 5, 2010, twenty-nine of us from Cameron Park, (near Sacramento) embarked upon an unbelievable cruise through the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic from Venice to Ft. Lauderdale aboard Ruby Princess. We can’t stop talking about our experiences!

For me, the most incredible, moving excursion was to Pompei in Naples, Italy. You can feel the presence of the people living in this community as you walk down the cobblestone streets. The area was buried by a Volcano eruption many years ago. You can see what has been uncovered: people, animals, artifacts, homes, businesses, people’s belongings, evidence of different areas in the community by the markings on the ground and on the walls. It has left a big impression on me.

Being in Europe is like a step back in time, and I found myself in awe for the duration of our journey. Everything has so much history and stories from almost the beginning of time. We in the USA don’t realize just how young our county is.

Our guides throughout Europe were amazing and very knowledgeable. Ruby Princess was just the way to see all the countries we visited. I would love to return to Barcelona and the Azores. There is a lot more to see and learn. Thanks to Ambassador Tours and Maureen Menezes, our trip was flawless. Maureen planned all of our excursions for our group so we could be together. I’m now planning our next trip to the Panama Canal and then the following year to the Greek Isles.

This is just one more of the 1000 things you should do in your life…….

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